Welcome to Jachura Financial, a firm that actually wants YOU to succeed. My name is Jeff Jachura, an Investment & Wealth Consultant, and the founder of Jachura Financial. 

At JF (Jachura Financial) we understand this is your future. We understand this is your legacy. We understand how overwhelming investment choices and planning is. We understand you've worked hard and, because we understand that, we also understand you deserve the time necessary. You deserve to understand fees and compensation. You deserve a tailored, thorough plan. You deserve the proper follow-through on that plan. Bottom line? You deserve whatever it takes! That's why our one and only quota is client satisfaction. Because at JF, we strive to not just meet your expectations but to exceed them. 

Now more than ever, investors are looking for ways to diversify their savings and retirement strategies with financial vehicles that provide elements of protection, tax advantages, and ways to address market volatility. 

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